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Labor consulting

From 1st January 2021 when the new Labor Code will become effective, with significant changes in labor regulations, Vietnamese and foreign businesses are in a great need of a legal professional advisor in labor.

With many years of experience in consulting on labor law for domestic and international clients, VLIC is always evaluated by customers as a professional legal consultant on labor in Vietnam. We commit to provide practical and effective solutions for Vietnamese and foreign businesses in dealing with labor issues and human resource management. 

Consulting services in labor scopes

1. Consulting and drafting

Consulting and drafting documents related to labor, including: labor contracts, collective labor agreements, and labor regulations;

2. Trade Union consulting

Consulting on conditions and procedures for establishing Trade Union in enterprises, contents of activities of business trade unions, relations between trade unions and business owners;

3. Salary regulation consulting

Consulting on salary, bonus, insurance regulations in enterprises and the implementation of the above regulations, consulting on procedures for settlement of benefits and insurance for employees upon termination labor relations;

Consulting on building salary scale, payroll for businesses; forms and processes of salary and bonus payment for employees, personal income tax for employees;


4. Female employees consulting

Consulting on female employees, maternity benefits, insurance for female employees;

5. Working hours consulting

Consulting on working and resting hours, issues related to health conditions, working conditions, occupational safety and sanitation;

6. Labor discipline consulting

Consulting on material responsibility; conditions, the process of disciplining employees, assessing the legality of the decision to handle the labor discipline;

Consulting and representing legal rights protection for employees, employers; at the same time participating in resolving labor disputes related to strikes, layoffs, and labor discipline;

7. Labor recruiment consulting

Consulting on conditions and procedures for recruitment and employment of foreign workers, drafting application for work permits for foreigners working in Vietnam.; and

8. Other labor issues

Immigration consulting

In the context of opening up for integration, improving quality of life and expanding business investment opportunities in Vietnam, many individuals and foreign investors tend to choose Vietnam as a place to live, study and work.

Consulting services in immigration scopes

1. Advice on applying for Vietnam Visa

Consulting and providing Vietnam visa services, along with support services to apply for approval letter on arrival.

2. Work permit consulting

Consulting the current provisions of the law and the necessary documents need to be prepared.

Drafting documents and preparing completed dossiers.

Representing customers to submit documents and discuss with competent state agencies.

Solve problems arising in the process of carrying out procedures (if any) and support customers with related work.

3. Temporary residence card consulting

Consulting and providing services for applying for temporary residence cards, extending the duration of temporary residence cards for each specific case of customers.

4. Study abroad consulting

Advice on scholarships and detailed study programs of many levels, disciplines and quality in advanced countries such as the United States, Canada. VLIC will help you make the best, most appropriate decision. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your dreams.

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