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Legal Counsel


Y HUYNH is a legal consultant in the real estate, business and commerce, investment, marriage and family.

Y HUYNH has many years of experience working at real estate companies, participating in consulting in M&A transactions in the real estate sector, and legal support activities related to real estate; Y HUYNH directly advises domestic and foreign secondary investors to invest and operate in the Industrial Park in Vietnam. Y HUYNH also has extensive consulting experience in both business and commerce. In addition, Y HUYNH also participates in counseling in the field of marriage and family.



  • Consulting, analyzing, assessing the legality and suitability between the business lines of investors and the law of Vietnam, especially secondary investors investing in industrial zones;
  • Consulting on establishment of foreign-invested enterprises: consulting on choosing models and organizational, management structure of the company, tax obligations for state agencies when the enterprise is established.
  • Consulting on preferential investment conditions, procedures for domestic and foreign preferential investment;
  • Consulting on selection of investment projects and supporting documents related to locations of investment projects;
  • Consulting on project transfer.

Corporate & Commercial:

  • Consulting establishment of a business and legal issues arising during the operation of the business such as: increase, decrease of charter capital; transfer of capital contribution /shares; division, separation or merger of an enterprise; business type conversion and other related issues;
  • Procedures related to business termination or dissolution

Real Estate:

  • Consulting on procedures related to buying/ selling/donating real estate;
  • Notarization procedures related to real estate;
  • Consulting procedures for investment approval;
  • Consulting on projects transfer real estate.

Marriage And Family:

  • Counseling on common/private property of husband and wife;
  • Divorce proceedings;
  • Procedures related to wills and inheritance.


  • Lawyer’s Skills by the National University of Legal Professions, Vietnam.
  • Bachelor of Law, City University of Law.
Legal Research90%
Legal Practice70%
Document management85%

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